VoiVeo is a simple web-based tool that allows you to interact with your audience via voice messages.
Yes, you can create your personal page on VoiVeo; share a link to this page with your audience and they will be able to send you voice messages, video messages and screen recordings.
The only difference is in the way it appears on your website. The inline widget can be embedded directly in a page or blog post. The dialog widget appears as a dialog box when a visitor clicks on the "Start a Demo Recording" button.
Yes, you can. Go to your VoiVeo dashboard, click the "Create a new recording" button, and follow the instructions.
Yes, you can download your recordings from your VoiVeo dashboard.
No, the sender does not have to create an account. After recording their message, the sender has the option of leaving their name and email, so you can contact them back.
Yes, you can send voice recorded replies to received messages. Please note that you can reply only to messages with an email address.
VoiVeo works on Android devices with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge and iOS devices on the Safari browser.

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